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Дэйтамикро CAN и смежные технологии

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Olaf Pfeiffer, Andrew Ayre, and Christian Keydel

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Embedded Networking with CAN and CANopen

Изд-во RTC Books, 2003, 537 стр., англ.




History of CAN and CANopen

1    Understanding Embedded
        Networking Requirements
        Embedded Networking for Beginners
        Code Requirements for Embedded Systems
        Communication Requirements for Embedded Networking
        Introduction to CANopen from the Application Level

2    The CANopen Standard
        Using Identifiers and Objects
        The CANopen Object Dictionary
        The Electronic Data Sheets (EDS) and Device Configuration Files (DCF)
        Accessing the CANopen Object Dictionary (OD) with Service Data Objects (SDO)
        Handling Process Data with Process Data Objects (PDO)
        Network Management (NMT)
        CANopen Example Configurations and Exercises
        Contents of CANopen Messages

3    CANopen Beyond DS301
        Frameworks and Profiles Overview
        About Masters and Managers (DS302)
        Device Profile for Encoder (DS406)
        Device Profile for Generic I/O (DS401)
        Safety-Relevant Communication (DSP304, DSP307)

4    CANopen Configuration Example
        Evaluating the System Requirements
        Choosing the Devices and Tools
        Configuring Single Devices
        Overall Network Configuration
        Network Simulation
        Network Commissioning
        Advanced Features and Testing

5    Underlying Technology: CAN
        CAN Overview
        An Introduction to CAN
        Selecting a CAN Controller
        CAN Development Tools

6 Implementing CANopen
        Communication Layout and Requirements
        Comparison of Implementation Methods
        Simple Do-It-Yourself Implementation: MicroCANopen
        Using CANopen Hardware Modules or Chips
        Using CANopen Source Code
        CANopen Conformance Test
        Choosing an Implementation Path
        Implementing CANopen Compliant Bootloaders
        CANopen Implementation Example
        Example of an Entire Design Cycle

A    Frequently Asked Questions
        Implementation Issues
        Physical Layer

B    Physical Layer
        Recommended Bit Timings

C    Data Types
        Basic Data Types
        Extended Data Types
        Complex Data Types
        Transfer Format

D    The Object Dictionary
        Object Dictionary Organization
        Data Type Definitions
        Communication Profile
        CANopen Managers and Programmable CANopen Devices
        Object Dictionary Access Sequences

E    Minimal Object Dictionaries
        Standard Object Dictionary Entries
        Digital Input Entries
        Digital Output Entries
        Analog Input Entries
        Analog Output Entries
        Encoder Input Entries
        Support of Code Download

F    Communication Object Identifiers (COB IDs)
        Pre-defined Connection Set
        Reserved COB IDs

G    Emergency Objects
        Emergency Object Error Codes

H    SDO Abort Messages
        SDO Abort Codes

I    Node States
        Node State Functionality

J    References

K    CANopen Glossary

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